Weekly Wrap-up: 29/03 – 05/04

Welcome to my weekly wrap! (Saturday 29th of March to Saturday 5th of April) This week has been okay for me! I have had a lot of wok to do outside of blogging and reading so most things were scheduled this week!

This week in reading: #CurrentlyReading Siege by Sarah Mussi #hachettechildrens #mystery #thriller #SarahMussi #bookstagram #myposts I have been looking forward to this for a while! :)

This week  have read 2 books. One was in the early hours of Sunday morning so I am counting that has this week! ;D

I read Thirteen by Tom Hoyle and Siege by Sarah Mussi. Both huge surprises and reviews will be going up for both of them. They were both on my April TBR, so I am quite proud. Especially since I usually don’t stick to them.

Currently Reading:

Half Bad (Half Life, #1)I am currently reading Half bad by Sally Green. It is pretty good so far but I don’t know what to make of it yet. I am only about 30 pages so we still have time!

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this one. I have read a few reviews which were all positive but I am trying to read this as if I have not heard anything.

This week in posts:

1. Showcase Sunday #1

I bought some lovely books in this one. I got some of the books that re above and I also got a beautiful edition of Pride and Prejudice!

2. Discussion Post: Do Reading Slumps Really Exist?

Here I discussed my own personal experience with reading slumps and my thoughts on them. The responses are so much more interesting than everything I wrote. I suggest you check it out just for that!

3. March Wrap-up and April TBR: The Possible Failure Edition 

I am not doing to bad with this TBR. Maybe I won’t fail it after all!

4. This weeks review: Hooked by Liz Fichera 

I was a huge fan of this one. I ended up giving it 5 stars. I suggest you take a look if you are in the mood for some contemporary!

5. Feature and Follow #2

This is a weekly hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. It is great to meet new bloggers! 🙂

What is coming next week: 

My review for Thirteen by Tom Hoyle is going up! I really enjoyed this one so I am looking forward to sharing my thought on it in full and glorious review form, extra thoughts and cover and spine art included. I also have another discussion coming your way of organising the book cases and how I do mine. One of the main reasons I wrote this is so I can see how you all organize yours!

This has been the week for me! I hope you all had a good one and happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up: 29/03 – 05/04

    • alexsarahlouise says:

      I am not doing it next month! I am just gonna wrap-up as I am doing not too bad this month but I don’t like adding pressure on myself!

      Thanks for stopping by Pili! 🙂 xxx


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