Why I am no longer making TBR’s

Me and TBR’s have never had a good relationship. I have the best of intentions at the start of the month but I never end up reading all of the books I set myself. I try giving myself a huge pile to read and it never works and then I try giving myself smaller ones and then that doesn’t end up working.

I have a huge lack of discipline when it comes to reading my own books. When it comes to review books I am fine. I requested them, someone else could have had the copy to review and it would be unfair if I didn’t review them.

Another thing I have found is that when you make a TBR and announce/share it on the usual Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, it is set in stone. I have no idea why, but it sets the idea in motion that I now HAVE to read them no matter what. What was a past time has suddenly begins to feel like a chore. I then abandon the TBR and just pick books up as and when I feel like reading them.

Looking back at that paragraph, it is kinda pathetic. Talk about lack of discipline. I have talked to fellow bloggers, however, and they have said similar things to me!

What are you guys like with TBR’s? Can you stick to one or do you fail with them, like me?


13 thoughts on “Why I am no longer making TBR’s

  1. Faye M. says:

    Blah, I don’t follow my TBR very closely and to the book. It’s just a reference for me to see what books I’d like to read someday and then when I’m in the mood for one genre, I just pick from it and see which one would hit it off. I’m not very methodical in that sense, and I read whatever’s right at the moment. This is why I never follow/join any book challenges because I hate it when I’m restricted to certain books only. Haha.

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews


    • Alex @ The Shelf Diaries says:

      I think I am becoming more and more like you. I love reading as much as I always have but I have found that making an specific TBR can be a bit arbitrary for me. I also hate being restricted! šŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by Faye! šŸ˜€ xxx


  2. Kristalyn @ The Sarcastic Palmtree says:

    I am crap with specific TBR lists because I want to read what I want when I want. I usually have my list of beach reads that I am good about sticking to and if I make a “Summer TBR” or whatever it is always with the disclaimer that they may be moved to my Fall TBR. lol I consider my TBR to actually be any book I have on goodreads that I haven’t read. That means it is a LOT of books. That way I don’t have to specify what’s coming up next.

    Okay, I have rambled and bored you long enough! Have a beautiful week darling!


    • Alex @ The Shelf Diaries says:

      I was thinking of doing a Summer TBR. But then I am afraid of deviating from that. Same I have a lot of books on the Goodreads list! It has got the point where I stop paying attention on it.

      You don’t ramble! I love reading your comments lovely! šŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by! xx


    • Alex @ The Shelf Diaries says:

      I used to do that on Goodreads but then I just deleted the lot and started again! It did not work for long though! šŸ™‚

      I am thinking of doing the random reads meme. It looks pretty good and it would encourage me to read a book from the TBR šŸ™‚ xx

      Thanks for stopping by! ::D Xxxx


  3. Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages says:

    I’m right there with you, girl! A lot of times, I don’t even mark what I’m currently reading on Goodreads. Sometimes I’ll read a quarter of a book and set it aside for a week before finishing it. If I was to mark all of the books I’m in the process of reading on Goodreads, people would think I’m crazy. It’s over 10 books long for sure. But if I listed them on Goodreads as currently reading, I’d feel pressure to finish them ASAP. Woe is me, right? šŸ™‚

    Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages


    • Alex @ The Shelf Diaries says:

      I have stopped doing that too! I just add it to Goodreads and Instagram when I am finished! I have no idea why I put so much pressure on myself! šŸ™‚

      I know! First world problems right? haha!

      Thanks for stopping by lovely! šŸ™‚ xxx


  4. Rashika says:

    My only TBR of sorts is for review books. I need a schedule because otherwise I go crazy and don’t read things on time but otherwise because I am such a mood reader, it’s almost impossible for me to stick with a TBR (although my TBR on GR is a whole other story :P)

    Fantastic discussion post, Alex!! šŸ™‚


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