The Semi- Hiatus is Back With a Vengeance!

Remember a few months ago when I said I was going on a mini break and I ended up not really taking one? Well by the looks of it, I may have to take one now :/ I have just recently started a new job which is only for the summer and it is full time. It clocks in at just over 43 hours a week. I am an assistant caretaker so it is heavy work all day so it is leaving me drained! :/ I am trying to find time to get back to comments on weekends and I am still around sometimes, but for now I don’t want to promise loads of commenting and content! I have a few days off in the coming weeks so I will get back to you lovelies full time then! For now I leave you with this gif. It leaves me hysterical every time because I am like WOOOO about books and my family are like the men in the gif.

Bye for now! Thanks for being so understanding! ❤



4 thoughts on “The Semi- Hiatus is Back With a Vengeance!

  1. Faye M. says:

    I’ll miss you and your name hanging around in my comments section, but blogging has to take a step back sometime, and real life has to be given priority! I definitely understand this semi-hiatus. Always take care, rest well when you’re at home, and come back soon!!

    Faye at The Social Potato


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