Update: First Year of University & the Home Stretch.

Evening kids,

So my first year of university is coming to end. I have one exam left and my brain is borderline leaking out of my ears. That nearly excuses the fact that I have not posted since February and not come to say Hi on any of your lovely blogs for at least 5 months. Nearly.

I been so busy, or at least felt like I have been so busy with university and my part tie job that I have felt like I have had no time for blogging. However, summer is on its way and despite not reading as much, I have still been buying books just as quick!

I have a few post ideas up my sleeve. I may even have some study posts flying around since I feel like I have been doing so much lately and I have learnt a lot in a such a little amount of time. The usual bookish goodness will be coming too!

I hope you are all doing well and I hope to see more of you soon!

Alex 🙂 xxx


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