Mini update!

I’m still around sometimes, I promise. I have been so busy lately with university starting. Please bare with me while the holidays come through and I can come back!


Hope you are all doing well! 🙂 xxx

Why I Am Quitting The Star Ratings

A lot of people have been doing this lately and I think there is some kind of bandwagon forming.

As of late, I have read a lot of books that warrant a lower rating than my average but I still enjoyed them so much that I ended up giving it 5 stars. I think it is getting more and more difficult to give books star ratings. Each book has it own merits and I am slowly starting to dislike how I’m boxing my books into star ratings.

I look at my shelf sometimes where I have a lot of 5 star books but none of have that for the same reasons. I am also quite forgiving with books when it comes to ratings so sometimes I would push to say that I feel that my star ratings are not trustworthy sometimes!

So, all this comes down to me getting rid of start ratings and just saying whether I would recommend or not.

What are your thoughts on the whole saga with star ratings?


The Mandatory Back To School Post

This is a short one for you all, I hope you have had a great weekend! As many of you know, I am going back to school this week. I have had a year out so I am definitely going to be up to my neck in work! This is not a I won’t be here post, it is just that I don’t know what is going to happen time wise. There are posts scheduled up until late November (summer well spent?) This is just until I get my schedule sorted and make sure I have time for everything!

Any tips for all of you that school and blog?

I hope you have all had a great summer!

Maybe I will be back sooner than I think – let’s see!



Alex 🙂 x