A University TBR #uniprep

My small and slowly growing non fiction shelves! :) #nonfiction #psychology

As some of you may know, I am going back to school this September in 3 weeks time. They sent me a list out a couple of weeks of required reading, and as usual with me it is the first thing I thought of was the fact that it was a good excuse to buy books.

I plan to try and read a few of these! Main ones I need to get to are Issues and Debates, Studying Psychology, An Anthropologist on Mars and Affluenza!

Do you guys have anything to read for school? Let me know and we can encourage each other! Also, let me know if you like the look of or have read any of these! Some of them are older than me…


The Semi- Hiatus is Back With a Vengeance!

Remember a few months ago when I said I was going on a mini break and I ended up not really taking one? Well by the looks of it, I may have to take one now :/ I have just recently started a new job which is only for the summer and it is full time. It clocks in at just over 43 hours a week. I am an assistant caretaker so it is heavy work all day so it is leaving me drained! :/ I am trying to find time to get back to comments on weekends and I am still around sometimes, but for now I don’t want to promise loads of commenting and content! I have a few days off in the coming weeks so I will get back to you lovelies full time then! For now I leave you with this gif. It leaves me hysterical every time because I am like WOOOO about books and my family are like the men in the gif.

Bye for now! Thanks for being so understanding! ❤


50 Books Challenge: An Update!

Since we are just over half way through the year, I wanted to give you all an update to my 50 books challenge! This is as of 14/07 so I may have read a couple more until then. This one is scheduled due to me taking part in the Wicked Wildfire Read-a-thon hosted by My Shelf Confessions!

So, here is the damage:



I am not going to lie, I wanted to have read more by this point. However, once you put the books altogether likes this in a list there is a quite a bloody lot! Also, I don’t think any of these books were below three stars so I have done pretty well this year! There are also a lot of sequels, TBR and review books on there with only 9/39 being newly bought ones!

If the years continues at this pace I will read around 80 books. I would love to hit 100 since I have spent the past few years trying that but if the quality of the reads remains this high, I will be happy no matter what number I hit!

How are your guys challenges going? Let me know in the comments! 🙂