The discussions will be place in order of what I wrote them. Newest at the bottom and oldest at the top.

– My Thoughts on Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles, Sequels and Prequels 

– Do reading Slumps Really Exist?

– Hyped Books and Why I No Longer Want To Find Them

– Bookshelves: How Do You Organize Yours?

– Booklikes: All You Need To Know + The New Goodreads

– Uproar, Diversity & Naivety On My Part #WeNeedDivereseBooks

– Green Bumps & Green Lit: A Discussion

– A Rock and A Hard Place: Supporting Local Bookstores

– Why I am no longer making TBR’s

– Read a Little Bit More: Tips & Tricks

 – Reading Challenges: An Aid or a Hindrance

– Why I Am Quitting The Star Ratings


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