Review: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Title: The Eyre Affair | Author: Jasper Fforde | Hodder and Stoughton | Thursday Next #1 | 373 pages | Fantasy/Mystery |  5 Stars | Source: Bought

Goodreads Synopsis:
There is another 1985, where London’s criminal gangs have moved into the lucrative literary market, and Thursday Next is on the trail of the new crime wave’s Mr Big.
Acheron Hades has been kidnapping characters from works of fiction and holding them to ransom. Jane Eyre is gone. Missing.
Thursday sets out to find a way into the book to repair the damage. But solving crimes against literature isn’t easy when you also have to find time to halt the Crimean War, persuade the man you love to marry you, and figure out who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays. Perhaps today just isn’t going to be Thursday’s day.
Join her on a truly breathtaking adventure, and find out for yourself. Fiction will never be the same again…

This is gonna be short review because I don’t have too much to say. All I can tell you to do is read this book!

 As you can see from this synopsis, this is quite a quirky read. One of my favourite blogger’s: Dani from Pen to Paper raves about Jasper Fforde and now I can see why.

In this novel we dip in and out of the world of classics constantly. In this one it is mainly Jane Eyre. I love Fforde’s writing style. and how he constructs worlds from long a go written classics. Even though I have only read a few classics, I can tell from the narrative that his portrayal of the worlds are true to the original ones.

This is by no means YA. So technically it is not my normal read. Thursday is 36 years old. However, I could sympathize all the way through the novel. She is one of my favourite characters. You can tell that she has been through a lot with Crimean War but she is so hilarious throughout.

I am so glad I bought the sequels! Sorry this review is so wishy/washy. It is really hard to summarize what Jasper has made with this series. All I can say is pick it up asap!

Goodreads Average: 3.9/5 Stars (out of 65,145 ratings)

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