A Rock and a Hard Place: Supporting Local Book Stores

Please note: I wrote this last summer. A follow up post will be coming soon as opinions have changed. Keep an eye out for that.

Being a book blogger I buy quite a few books a year. At least 50. However it is becoming more and more common for me to buy books at charity shops, car boot sales and The Works (A UK discount book store). This maybe good for me, my bookshelves and my pennies (or lack of) but it is not very positive for my local book stores which are Waterstones and WHSmith.

I read an article recently which said that paperback sales have dropped by 25% in the last year. This saddened and shocked me in equal measure. I have grown up with books and knowing that the industry is slowly dying is awful.

I will be starting university soon which means I will have to buy to many books whether that be text books or required reading. The fact of the matter is that I won’t be able to buy most of them the book store. They will be far too expensive, so I will have to buy them online.

When it comes to the industry, I am one of those many people who want to have their cake and eat it. I want to read ebooks, I want to be able to buy cheap books online and I want to be able to go in to my local book store as and when I have enough money at the time. The thing is, these three wants will not be able co-exist. One will have to go sooner or later and by the looks of the growth of e-commerce giants such as Amazon and The Book Depository, the local book store is the one which is most likely to go first. It’s not like books won’t exist any more. Ebooks are doing wonders for the publishing industry, however there is some beautiful about the printed word and I will miss when it goes.

On a side note, this year I am aiming to read at least one local book store bought book a month. I know it isn’t much but it’s my bit. I love walking in to a book store an not knowing what I will come out with.

What do you guys think about local books stores? Also, where do you guys get your books from? Let me know in the comments!