Review Policy/Contact

Thank you for taking the time to come and take a look at my review policy.

If you are a publisher and/or author and would like to send me your book for review, I would be more than happy to consider it.

Types of novels I accept: 

– Paranormal
– Horror
– Post Apocalyptic
– Dystopia
– Chick Lit
– Contemporary
– Magical Realism
– Non-Fiction (usually to do with psychology)
-Middle grade
-Historical Fiction

I read both Young Adult and Adult books.


I reserve the right to decline a review request as I may not have the time or I know I won’t like the book. In the event that I didn’t enjoy a book that I have hypothetically received from you, I will contact and we can discuss how we go on from there.

My reviews include: 

At the beginning of the review:

– Title
– Author
– Publisher
-Whether it is a series or stand alone
– Page count
– Star Rating (this is a 1-5 star with 0.5 between each. 5 Stars will be the best and 1 star is the worst)
-Source (Review, Netgalley or bought)
– Release Date
– Goodreads Link
– Goodreads Synopsis

At the end of the review:

– Goodreads star rating average
– Extra Thoughts (this is not in every single review, just where I have extra thoughts that needed cutting out of the review for length purposes)

Where and when my reviews are posted:

My review day is normally a Wednesday. If it is an ARC I will post it on the Wednesday before the novel’s release. This can be changed upon request.

As soon as a review goes live on my blog it is posted to my Facebook Page, the blogs Facebook account,  Twitter, Tumblr Google +,  Goodreads and Bloglovin’. When I am currently reading something I post to all of these networks, my Instagram and Goodreads. Combined, a read can reach 3,670 followers.

 Preferred Format

Like many bookish people I like my hard copies. However if only ARCS/review copies are available in Ebook Format, I have a Kindle and a Kobo to hand.

If you want to contact me regarding reviewing  a novel or any other bookish events or feedback,  feel free to drop me an email on  theshelfdiaries

Thank you.


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