Death of The Majors: Why I’m At Peace With Character Deaths.

First things first, credit where credit is due. This post was inspired by a post by Faye over at The Social Potato. You can check her post out here and here is her twitter for good measure.

When I first started reading YA way back in 2008, the concept of a major character death horrified me. I hated them and I found them pointless. It used to annoy me so much that I put a lot of time and effort in to character and they basically died on me.

Fast-forward six years, I have come to be at peace with the death of a main character. Sometimes I even welcome the idea.

Every now and again, I think death is necessary. Especially when there is a huge conflict such as a war or a revolution happening in the book. I think if everyone comes out from these situations unscathed, the conflict in question was pointless to present itself in the first place. Also, if a character is taking numerous risks and death happens as a result of said risks, I am fine with that also. Risks don’t always pay off and I want that reflected in the realist way possible in my reads.

However, I am not okay with some character deaths and do be aware of some subjectivity about to come into play on my part. I think a character death needs to be justified. It is very rare that they are not but it is truly annoying when this does happens. Another pet peeve of mine is when a “catalyst character” dies. A character who is the whole reason for the books plot. I am not going to spoil anything, but you can probably guess which books I am referring to.

The most infuriating thing of all about character’s deaths regardless of my thoughts are the bi-products of them: the fans reaction. I think fans who attack authors over the deaths of their characters are too much. I think it is unfair on an author who can’t please everyone.

So these are my thoughts on the deaths of the majors. As long as they have some level of justification I am more than okay with them. Failing that, fanfiction is a thing.

No spoilers in the comments pretty please! 

Editions, Formats & Other Worries: Does It Matter?


I recently purchased a Kindle and I have found that when I have finished a book, I want it in a physical copy. Also, if you look closely at this picture, you will find that books within a series are different shapes and sizes and distinctly not matching when they are supposed to be.

There was once a time where I needed to have book in a series or books by the same author in the same editions. Nothing annoyed me more than seeing books of all different shapes and sizes on my shelves when they are supposed to be the same.

However, I have found as I have got older, that no matter what, the content is still the same and in the end, a book is still a book. As much as I would like to have all of the same editions and all the same books, but I don’t have neither the time to find them or the money to buy them. If I do come across a beautiful edition I may try and seek it out, but nothing more.

The only small rule I have is that if I start a series in a certain format, whether it be ebook or physical, I have to finish the series in the same format.

Just a small discussion post/rant here for you all. What are your thoughts on editions and formats? Does it matter to you?

You Must Live Under a Rock: Do I Need to Read All the Books?

A small discussion for you all today!

Ever been told that you live under a rock because you have not read a certain book? I definitely have.

Ever since joining the blogging community, I have been flooded with recommendations that I have been told are a must read. Although I appreciate them, especially when it comes to me going book shopping. Sometimes it is too much when it comes with too many nudges to read it.

Due to money and many other reasons, I have never been quite able to keep up with all the new releases. As much as I would like too! It makes me question whether I really do need to read all of the books sometimes. It has got to the point where even though I feel a little inadequate, I just buy what I want, when I want and when I can.

How do you guys feel when it comes to bookish peer pressure? Do you take it with a pinch of salt it does it frustrate you, like me?