You Must Live Under a Rock: Do I Need to Read All the Books?

A small discussion for you all today!

Ever been told that you live under a rock because you have not read a certain book? I definitely have.

Ever since joining the blogging community, I have been flooded with recommendations that I have been told are a must read. Although I appreciate them, especially when it comes to me going book shopping. Sometimes it is too much when it comes with too many nudges to read it.

Due to money and many other reasons, I have never been quite able to keep up with all the new releases. As much as I would like too! It makes me question whether I really do need to read all of the books sometimes. It has got to the point where even though I feel a little inadequate, I just buy what I want, when I want and when I can.

How do you guys feel when it comes to bookish peer pressure? Do you take it with a pinch of salt it does it frustrate you, like me?


4 thoughts on “You Must Live Under a Rock: Do I Need to Read All the Books?

  1. Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages says:

    You are preaching to the choir, girl! I’m a picky reader, so I’m really antsy about taking recommendations. Like the whole Twilight craze. I absolutely hated Twilight so whenever would tell me to read ____ book because it was like Twilight, I’d groan. It’s why I’m hesitant to be pushy with books. Plus, it’s more fun when you stumble upon a really great book by yourself!

    Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages


  2. Paulina says:

    First of all I’m so sorry for neglecting your wonderful blog! My college decided to somehow (I have no idea why or how) to block commenting on blogs… Weird isn’t it.
    I love your discussion. It’s spot on for me. I’m not a fast reader and so I don’t tend to read that many books and I feel as if I live under a rock.


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